If you want a home-based business, chances are you have done a lot of searching on the internet. Let’s face it, the internet is the place to be if you want to make money from home today.

You have, most likely, read about many different opportunities. You have followed the words and suggestions of some of the web gurus. You have looked at this Network Marketing company and that affiliate marketing opportunity. Maybe you’ve even gotten confused.

You have wondered to yourself, “is this legitimate…or just another scam?” Can I really make money with this? The answer to your questions is yes…and no. On the internet, just as in the physical world, there is a bit of everything. There are many choices and many different people looking for choices.

Which One Are You?

There are many types of people surfing the net in search of opportunities. They are always looking for that perfect, just right, magical, special opportunity. For example, there are the “window shoppers”. They look at every new opportunity, read all the websites, read the reviews, they have them all bookmarked. Maybe they have gone to the websites many times. Maybe they have even gone through the order process, just to see how it works. This person hopes and wants but will never take that final step.

There is also the “info junkie”. This person wants and hopes and, in fact, takes action. The info junkie gets everything hoping it will make him rich. More times than not, this person suffers from “paralysis of analysis” (boy does this sound familiar, lol). Reading, assessing, double checking, and wants to know everything to the infinite detail before actually doing the business. They want to know everything first from the books and before taking further action.

Next, there is the “jack of all trades”. This person jumps at every opportunity to make money. Their inbox is full of emails from all the new and different ways to make money online. They have so many bookmarks and favorites they forget which are which. The grass is always greener on the other strategy. These people know a little bit about everything when it comes to home-based businesses. They make posts as an “expert”. It is too bad. This person might be able to succeed but they have no time to get good at anything because they are spending all their time trying to manage everything.

What’s My Point

My point in all this is that the strategies of many successful entrepreneurs are judged negatively because someone didn’t make money with it. I say money can be made with almost all of them. The entrepreneurs share experiences and knowledge that worked for him or her. What they can’t foresee when sharing the information is the wildcard…or the YOU-factor. There is no way for them to plug you into their formula.

If you are a window shopper, who researches but never takes action, you will never succeed. If you are an info junkie, who buys the books and keeps reading and reading but never take action, you will never succeed. If you are a jack of all trades, and never commit to one strategy or niche, you will have problems succeeding. You are the main factor that determines if a strategy will make you money or not.

I am sure you have heard of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, arguably the best in their fields. They love what they do and strove to be the best. Someone taught them how to play what they do. Then, they took it from there. Many people learn to do the same things but some take it and excel. The point is that with Michael Jordan it didn’t matter which basketball he used or which court he was playing on, he succeeded. Tiger Woods is the best in golf, no matter what clubs he is using or which course he is on. What makes them the best is what is inside them. The YOU-factor.

The YOU-Factor

In conclusion, you are what makes the difference with your home-based business. If you have what it takes you can make anything work. You just must decide which one is for you. You must decide what excites you. You must make a decision, commit to it, and work it with persistent and consistent desire. These same principles apply whether you are starting a home-based business or a conventional brick and mortar business. You take your dream; mix it with a burning desire, and then top it off with action and you are bound to succeed.


Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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